About the site

DougScrapsThank you for somehow ending up here. This delightful site is made of photos I have taken over the past 6 years of actual dog poo that resemble letters and numbers. Now, before anyone says anything… none of these turds were arranged nor doctored digitally. That would have taken the fun out of it and certainly wouldn’t have taken this long to complete. (The K in particular was a hard one to sniff out). So, over the years of taking my dog out and going for walks I have found the entire alphabet and numbers, and what better way to present this disgusting pastime, but in a name generator and clock. With help from the mighty Andy Severn and his strong stomached crew of coders we humbly present to you ‘Turd is the Word’.

What will follow will be custom greetings cards, comics, a book and some games. So please do check back and tell your mates, they’ll love you for it, I promise.

Cheers, Douglas Pledger.

The message behind it all

AndyScraps-rAlthough the turd-hunting was a long and laborious process for Doug, it’s certainly not a hard thing finding ‘ordinary’ looking dog poo littering our streets, parks, grass verges and just about any public space.

It’s nuisance and a health hazard, and people REALLY ought to be more responsible. Neither of us leave the house with their dog without a pocketful of doggy-bags so there’s simply no excuse for not picking up after your pooch.

We’ve designed stickers that you can put on your gate-posts to remind passers-by to pick up and we’ll bring you other products such as delightfully scented bags to make the job all the more simple.

Andy Severn